Data & AI for resilient, sustainable Manufacturing & Warehouse operations

Predict & resolve disruptions for
cost-effective & agile processes

Enabling enterprises to build resilient supply chains with data storytelling and insights

Modern supply chains are complex & interconnected.

It makes them more vulnerable to disruptions arising due to natural disasters, political instability and cyberattacks, etc.

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Warehouse Solutions

Gramener helps organizations integrate
their supply chain digitally

Identify and indicate potential disruptions ahead of time.
Develop predictive models by using ML to forecast the likelihood of a disruption and its potential impact.
Automate processes such as order processing, inventory management, and routing.
Improve visibility by collecting and analyzing data from sources, like sensors, RFID tags, and etc.

Data & AI offerings for integrated
supply chain & logistics

Case study

Organizations struggle to improve production due to inefficient processes, planning, quality issues, machine downtime, and supply chain disruptions. At Gramener, we help our clients to effectively plan and schedule techniques to optimize resource allocation, minimize downtime, and ensure smooth workflow. We also help in preventive maintenance, monitoring of equipment performance, and minimizing unplanned downtime.

Case study

Quality improvement can suffer from lack of standardization, control, supplier management, training, analysis, customer feedback, compliance, metrics, and resistance to change. With our solution, many clients have improved their quality standards with adequate quality inspection processes and tools that leverage AI & ML to identify patterns, trends, and root causes of quality issues.

Case study

Warehouse efficiency can be marred by challenges such as space utilization, inventory accuracy, visibility, order fulfillment, demand planning, workforce management, and technology integration. We have helped our clients Implement a robust WMS to automate and optimize warehouse operations, including inventory management, order processing, and resource allocation.

Case study

Solve challenges such as inventory issues and resource allocation with accurate demand forecasting using historical data and insights. Don’t stop there, utilize our solutions for continuous tracking and monitoring of forecast accuracy and other KPIs.

Case study

Don’t limit your workforce capabilities due to inefficient labor planning. Use Gramener to accurately predict labor requirements based on anticipated workload and business demand. Allocate the right number of staff, monitor their productivity and facilitate effective communication.

Case study

Fleets suffer from challenges such as route planning, vehicle utilization, maintenance, fuel management, safety compliance, communication, data integration, etc. Our solution can help you get rid of such issues with GPS and telematics technology to track vehicle location and collect real-time data on its performance. We also monitor driver behavior and ensure safety compliance with safety regulations as well as help clients implement a proactive maintenance program to ensure regular servicing, inspections, and repairs.

Case study

Supply chain control challenges may include limited visibility across the value chain, manual processes, lack of coordination and gaps in data governance. These might hinder proactive decision-making. Let us help you with end-to-end real time visibility across suppliers, production, transportation, and distribution through a centralized dashboard. We offer an integrated view from different sources for seamless information and performance.

Case study

Cost planning challenges include inaccurate estimation, hidden costs, inefficient allocation, and inadequate control. Gramener’s solution lets you analyze various cost drivers and breakdowns to understand the composition and factors impacting overall costs. Save costs and streamline your processes.


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