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Generative AI Is

With 20+ Gen AI projects, we take pride in being pioneers in the implementation of Generative AI to address various challenges in clinical operations and commercial pharma – including PII anonymization, promotional content generation, creative image generation, and Gen AI-driven pharma sales training. Explore our tailored Generative AI solutions designed to do improved HCP engagements.

Explore our tailored Generative AI solutions designed to do improved HCP engagements.

A Glimpse of Our Commercial Pharma Analytics Solutions

5 Use-cases to Drive Pharma Sales & Marketing Success

Personalized incentive compensation management to motivate sales representatives

Tailor-made communication strategies to empower conversion-friendly conservation with HCPs

Personalized Prompts Engine to guide reps with data-backed prompts, ensuring quality interactions and adherence

Customized trade discounts to influence redemption behavior of specific pharmacy network

Personalized promotional practices and customized marketing plans for pharmacy network

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A Snippet of Our Real-time Commercial Pharma Analytics Projects

Case study

By analyzing 2.5 years of historical sales data of a leading pharma company, we identified key indicators driving sales reps’ success with incentives and rewards. Implementing our personalized sales incentives solution resulted in a notable 9% improvement in sales incentivization. Our advanced analytics models boast a remarkable 90% accuracy in predicting sales outcomes, providing reliable insights for precise decision-making.

Case study

By implementing our tailor-made communication strategy, our clients have observed significant impact potential, with potential revenue increases of up to $200,000 per year. Additionally, the personalized and relevant messaging fosters stronger interactions between doctors and sales representatives.

Case study

For one of our leading pharma clients this solution delivered prompts to sales reps during various circumstances, such as start-of-day/middle-of-day planning, pre-call and in-clinic effectiveness, end-of-call feedback, data quality checks, and overall performance feedback. The model also designed the prompts to be social, motivational, situational, and got triggered based on frequency, circumstances, and specific triggers.

Case study

Through our Customized Trade Discounts solution, a generics pharma organization achieved over 50% potential for increased redemption, identifying 20% of chemists with high potential. Data-driven segmentation and targeted discounts drove impactful results.

Case study

The impact of our analytics-driven solution is tangible. Our clients have observed a remarkable 7% improvement in chemists’ redemption behavior, resulting in increased sales and revenue. Furthermore, our analytics models boast an impressive accuracy rate of 90%, ensuring reliable and data-backed insights for optimized decision-making.

Experience the power of data-driven transformation in the pharma industry with Gramener’s comprehensive suite of solutions. Unleash the potential of your sales and marketing division, optimize decision-making, and achieve exceptional growth in this dynamic environment.

Solutions Powered by Data-driven Personalization

Personalized sales incentives

Make data-driven decisions when designing the incentives payout plan for your sales team. Maximize the effectiveness of your sales incentives by aligning them with the identified key indicators and gain better visibility into the factors driving sales performance.

Tailor-made communication strategy

Enhance the quality of interactions between sales representatives and doctors by providing a targeted messaging framework. Our solution leverages advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze various data sources, including wasted impressions, prescription data, and sales interactions.

These algorithms identify the optimal order and priority of messaging for each individual doctor, ensuring maximum impact and relevance.

Personalized prompts engine

Improve sales representative adherence to defined processes by providing personalized prompts that guide behavior. Enhance data quality through self-corrective features that address data issues, resulting in accurate and reliable information.

Our Personalized Prompts Engine utilizes advanced personalization algorithms that leverage GSP (Generic Sales Process), RCPA (Retail Chemist Prescription Audit), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data to deliver tailored prompts to sales representatives, ensuring adherence to defined processes and addressing data quality challenges.

Customized Trade Discounts

For pharmaceutical organizations, optimizing trade discounts for chemists can be a challenging endeavor. Many organizations face issues such as misused blanket discounts, financial losses, and unimpressive discount percentages that fail to make a significant impact.

At Gramener, we provide a solution that revolutionizes the way trade discounts are implemented, leveraging segmentation and data-driven insights to deliver customized trade discounts that drive greater efficiency and impact for chemist networks.

Data-driven insights to improve chemist redemption behavior

In the competitive pharmaceutical industry, optimizing marketing strategies and influencing chemists’ redemption behavior is challenging due to transactional practices and intense competition.

At Gramener, our powerful solution leverages analytics-driven insights to address these challenges. We segment chemists into categories based on redemption behavior, identifying top performers and gaps.

Through propensity modeling, we gain insights into chemists’ likelihood to respond, enabling customized and targeted promotional plans. Our solution empowers organizations to enhance chemists’ redemption behavior and optimize marketing strategies for sustained success.

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