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Data & AI solutions allow today’s ESG professionals with access to accurate and secure ESG data, not just their own but that of their suppliers and stakeholders too. With more and more stringent reporting requirements and the increasing relevance of sustainability and ESG data to organizations across the globe, a data driven ESG strategy is crucial.

Gramener & Microsoft

A partnership that has delivered sustainability data & analytics solutions globally

At Gramener’s core, we are a data engineering and advanced analytics company with deep expertise across the data value chain. We deliver data engineering, AI and advanced analytics offerings  to drive sustainability projects by transforming our clients’ capabilities to build insights from ESG data.

We have worked with Microsoft’s AI for Earth program on several applications addressing biodiversity conservation, disaster risk management, climate resiliency and public health challenges.

Gramener’s ESG Sustainability Analytics Offerings

Gramener's sustainability solutions on biodiversity conservation

Foundations and non-profits are working towards nature conservation globally but often struggle to get skilled volunteers to perform their audits. Gramener’s AI-powered species detection solution automates the manual review process of images/ videos that are captured in natural habitats.

We leverage Computer Vision, Geospatial technology and AI to map nature related impacts and dependencies and automate biodiversity monitoring for organizations, helping them accelerate their nature conservation journey by eliminating the manual efforts and reducing the time it takes to perform such audits.

Gramener's sustainability analytics solutions for disaster management and urban resilience, Urban heat islands

Several communities are found to be at risk due to natural hazards such as cyclones, tornados, heatwaves and earthquakes. These can turn into disasters that can be averted if timely identification of potential risk is done.

Gramener’s solution helps non-profits ascertain the potential risk at a household level giving residents an opportunity to vacate or move to safer places in time. This means less damage and less post disaster recovery costs.

Case study

Financial institutions committed to decarbonize their investment portfolios face multiple challenges. They need access to data from multiple sources to evaluate their financed emissions and track decarbonization efforts of their lenders / investees. They also need visibility on how to engage with investees & influence them to commit to more ambitious climate action.

Portfolio Carbon Navigator helps them get those insights into financed emissions, sectoral climate transition trends and portfolio decarbonization pathways.

Case study

With ever increasing pressure to disclose exposure to ESG risks, it has become a must for businesses to turn to technology to effectively map their exposure to physical climate risks as well as nature risks.

At Gramener, we leverage geospatial technology to capture a multitude of inputs pertaining to company assets or supply chain nodes, including parameters related to flood, storm and nature risks. We leverage technologies such as species detection and computer vision to monitor biodiversity, population counts, and have built expert algorithms to generate risk ratings, assessment reports, dashboards and scenario analysis to project future risks.

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