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Unlock the answer key to conservation or business challenges with satellite imagery 

Exploring New Frontiers with Geospatial Data Analysis & AI

The global geospatial data analysis market size is expected to grow to USD 96.3 billion by 2025. Businesses and nonprofits are utilizing satellite imagery, geospatial mapping, and remote sensing technologies to apply deep learning on datasets to create workflows and build solutions.

Coupled with AI, this field of spatial analytics is going to the next level of pattern identification, task automation, and predictive abilities that would not be possible with traditional geospatial data analysis and satellite imagery services.

Gramener’s Geospatial Data Solutions
Cut Across Use-Cases

Gramener’s Geospatial Data Solutions Cut Across Use-Cases - Building Smart & Resilient Cities

Building Smart & Resilient Cities

Leverage satellite imagery to analyze climate change, disaster risk, socio-economic trends and demographics and enhance the capabilities to develop and sustain resilient cities of the future.

Gramener’s Geospatial Data Solutions Cut Across Use-Cases - Smart Agriculture/ Precision Farming

Smart Agriculture/ Precision Farming

Use of advanced geospatial data analysis infrastructure and satellite imagery services to manage farms, optimize human labor and improve the quantity and quality of agricultural produce.

Gramener’s Geospatial Data Solutions - Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Risk Management

Using spatial analytics capabilities, we help disaster relief non-profits and organizations to predict the severity and impact of disasters, saving millions of lives through predictive planning.

Gramener’s Geospatial Data Solutions Cut Across Use-Cases - Fighting Deadly Diseases

Fighting Deadly Diseases

Use geospatial data analysis to map out large and densely populated urban areas with strategic and granular accuracy, enabling interventions that control the spread of diseases.

Optimize Supply Chains with
Intelligence driven Geobox Solution

Developed in collaboration with AWS, Gramener’s Geobox empowers clients in Retail and
FMCG sectors to optimize supply chain operations, reduce costs, mitigate risks,
and enhance customer satisfaction through:

Smart Route

Reduces fuel consumption, transportation costs, and delivery times by optimizing delivery routes.

Optimized Distribution Network

Identifies optimal locations for warehouses and distribution centers to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Intelligent Load

Ensures efficient load planning, leading to fewer trips, better truck capacity utilization, and lowered costs.


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Success Stories with our Geospatial data solutions

Success Stories with Gramener Geospatial Analytics Solutions - Building Climate Resilience

Building Climate Resilience

An AI-powered application, developed with Microsoft and Evergreen, to give an integrated view of temperatures in urban areas most impacted by urban heat island (UHI) effect, project future UHI levels and plan interventions.  

Success Stories with Gramener's Geospatial Analytics - Disaster Risk Assessment

Disaster Risk Assessment

Gramener, with Microsoft and SEEDS, built a flood risk assessment model using satellite imagery and computer vision technology to classify roof structures and other risk indicators derived from geospatial analytics.

Success Stories with Gramener's Geospatial Analytics - Mitigating Diseases

Mitigating Diseases

Gramener, in collaboration with Microsoft and the World Mosquito Program (WMP), delivered an AI model that optimizes efforts to neutralize the disease carrying capacity of mosquitoes, saving countless lives in the process. 

Naveen Gattu - COO - Gramener

Naveen Gattu

COO & Co-founder

Proud Microsoft solutions Partner

“Over the last few years, we have been a niche Data & AI Azure Solutions Partner for Microsoft in developing cloud-first Data and AI solutions for Enterprises, Nonprofits, and Governments. Gramener achieving the feat provides us greater access to the Microsoft cloud and leverages products to provide value-driven data solutions to our clients.”

Our Resources

Gramener Webinar - Saving Lives with Predictive AI

Webinar: Saving Lives with Predictive AI

How Predictive Geo AI based advisories are saving the lives of at-risk communities in disaster-prone areas.

Gramener Webinar - Dawn of Geospatial AI

Webinar: Dawn of Geospatial AI

Join Gramener in this  webinar to explore the world of Geospatial analytics across various industry segments and functions.

Gramener Whitepaper - Fighting Climate Change with AI

Fighting Climate Change with AI

Download this whitepaper to learn how data and AI solutions can help make future cities climate resilient.

Geospatial AI and Disaster Recovery

Download this whitepaper to explore how AI-based geospatial technology is enabling ground-breaking work in disaster management.

Satellite Imagery Solution for Social Good

Download the white paper to discover a novel approach to calculating Quality of Life in the U.S. at a county level by using satellite images and Deep Learning. 

Impacting the ESG Sector with GeoSpatial AI solutions

Geospatial AI is on the rise. Industries are focusing on building cost-effective solutions that can easily evaluate complex satellite imagery & aerial imagery data sets. 

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