Supercharge Your Supply Chain

Gain immediate access to our all-inclusive brochure with deep insights on how our cutting-edge analytics & AI supercharges SC&L operations.

Supply Chain Strategy For Logistics Success

Logistics data flows in from various touchpoints of the supply chain. We can help you use it to deliver efficiency, sustainability & profitability.

Manufacturing Magic With Supply Chain Strategy

Manufacturers need a robust supply chain data strategy that can support decision-making & has a strong alignment with the business.

Portfolio Carbon Navigator

Get actionable insights into financed emissions, sectoral climate transition trends & portfolio decarbonization pathways to accelerate your net zero journey.

AI Solutions For ESG

Find out what we have in store for do-gooders in ESG industry. Our AI solutions are loaded with Computer vision and GeoAI technology to solve the most complex challenges.

Gramener's AI Solutions For Supply Chain & Logistics

Create a virtual twin of your physical processes with our digital twins. Enhance your productivity, reduce costs, and amp up your profitability.

Gramener Data Analytics Offerings

Gramener is a design-led data science company that specializes in Advanced Analytics and data storytelling. Know more about our services.

Gramener In A Nutshell

Gramener is a design-led data storytelling firm that bridges the gap between enterprises and data consumption. Know more about our services, clients, teams, and platform.

Slidesense - Automated PowerPoint Charts

Create beautiful charts and presentations automatically from data. No need of BI tools licences or software, Create, edit and share charts with just PowerPoint.

Data storytelling using Power BI

Strengthen your analysis on Power BI with Storytelling. Read through Gramener’s offerings and capabilities on Power BI.

Pharma And Healthcare Analytics

Improve drug discovery research and clinical trial operations with advanced analytics and storytelling.

Unstructured Analytics Offerings

Mine high quality actionable insights from unstructured text and map your customer’s journey.

Gramener AI Labs

Gramener AI Lab fuels innovation by leveraging the latest AI trends and applying them to business consumption of data.