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Where’s the starting line for your data journey

Avoid costly mistakes when investing in analytics. Invest in data engineering and quality instead of rushing into advanced analytics without a firm foundation.

3 steps to make data-driven decisions for enterprises

Here’s how you can form a habit of bringing data into everyday decisions in an organization and include data across every decision you make.

How to orchestrate data & analytics across your firm

Learn about a steering committee that is responsible and helpful in enabling seamless integration of data and analytics across the firm.

The most important data science role you should NEVER hire

Watch this interesting video to find out how data scientists build solutions resonating with business value and how enterprise leaders can churn the maximum output. 

Questions that can help you Grow in Your Data Science Journey

In this episode, Gramener’s Chief Decision Scientist, Ganes Kesari, talks about a powerful methodology for enterprises to execute consistently in their data science journey.

Why Hiring a CDO May Not Improve Your Data Science Maturity

Episode 15: Hiring a CDO or Chief Data Officer can prove to be useful for some organizations. But that is not always the case. Achieving data maturity takes much more than hiring a CDO.

How to Build a Data Roadmap to Transform Your Business

Episode 14: Explore how data maturity can be a starting point for building a data roadmap and 5 dimensions of data maturity, a combination of what makes an enterprise a data mature.

Why Data Maturity is Crucial for Business Value

Episode 13: In this episode our Chief Decision Scientist, Ganes Kesari, talks about the most important indicator of business value in an organization’s data journey – Data Maturity.

How can you Evolve the Culture of Data in your Organization?

Episode 12: How can you promote a culture of data-driven decisions in your organization? This video explains with a case study.

The Biggest Roadblocks during Data Science Projects

Episode 11: From lack of data literacy to absence of data culture, what are the 5 biggest challenges in Data Science projects? Find out with real-world examples.

How Important is a Data Science Strategy?

Episode 10: How can you create a #DataScience strategy for your organization? This video uses examples to present a simple framework with ten key elements.

Decision Intelligence and Data Science

Episode 09: Why do you need Decision Intelligence (DI) to unlock business value in your projects? What does DI really mean? In this video, I explain the key disciplines in DI with a business example.

How to identify the ROI of your Data Science Projects

Episode 08: What’s the best way to identify your ROI from #DataScience? We share a 4-step process with examples. And, the one thing you must do before you even get started.

5 Must-Hire Roles in Your Data Science Team

Episode 07: What are the 5 Roles that every Data Science team needs to hire? What would happen if you skip even one of these? In this video, we explain the roles with an example.

How To Identify The Best Data Science Projects

Episode 06: How should you identify the right data science projects to ensure business alignment & value? In this video, we share an approach we evolved at Gramener, with an example.

Do You Need Humans in Your AI Solutions?

Episode 05: Do you need humans in your AI solution? How can this impact user adoption and business ROI? Human-in-the-loop is a design choice. In this video, we share success and failure scenarios.

How Explainable Should Your Data Science Solution Be?

Episode 04: How explainable should your Data Science solution be? In our latest whiteboard video, we share a useful framework for data leaders to explain this further.

Should Leaders care about ML Algorithms Accuracy?

Episode 03: While talking with CIOs and data leaders, we recommend that they ask for better, sharper questions to make sense of accuracy and take the right business decisions.

How do You Pick the Best Data Science Projects?

Episode 02: Choosing the right initiatives (functional projects, or process revamp projects, or people upskill projects) can help you move up the maturity curve. In this video, we share a framework that’s helped our clients at Gramener get the best ROI from data.

How to avoid stagnation midway in your Data Science Journey?

Episode 01: Many businesses get off to a great start in Data Science, but then stagnate. What happens mid-way? From our learnings at Gramener, we share the challenges and 5 ways to avoid getting stuck.