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Transform Your Business with
Data-driven Decision Making

Organizations struggle to get value from data

99% of firms have invested in data initiatives but only 24% have created a data-driven organization.
Most companies don’t get the intended business benefits from their data and analytics efforts
because of the following challenges.

How can you tackle these pitfalls
to get value from data?

Based on our decade-long experience of tackling these challenges for clients,
we have developed the Data-driven Business Transformation framework,
a proven way to unlock business value from data.

Our impactful client engagements

Robust D&A Roadmap

Technology subsidiary of a Fortune 500 org charts out a 3-year D&A roadmap with a potential impact of $200MM.

Build Efficient Warehouses

Gramener helps USCS adopt data & analytics and improves warehouse efficiency by 16%.

Improve production yield

A leading mattress manufacturer taps into data & analytics and improves yield by 3%.

Clients we have worked with


Here’s what our clients have to say

Our thought leadership in data science

We regularly publish, speak, and share knowledge on D&A with the industry. 
Check out our past webinars and white papers.

5 Steps To Transform Into A Data-Driven Organization

This webinar will highlight how an organization’s data maturity influences its performance. It will show how you can assess your data maturity and plan the five steps for data-driven business transformation.

Building Effective Data Science Teams

Data science is a team sport, and every team needs five primary roles and skills to deliver business value. Each of the five roles is detailed out in this whitepaper with their associated responsibilities and skills required.

5 Steps To Measure ROI From Your Data Science Initiatives

Watch our Chief Decision Scientist, Ganes Kesari, in an exciting webinar for data science leaders. Find out an easy step-by-step process that every business leader can use to quantify value from their data initiatives.

Data maturity resources

What is Data Science Maturity and Why It Matters?

Find out what is data science maturity and how can it help your organization level up to implement a vibrant data culture that permeates across every department & function.

Move Up in the Levels of Data Science Maturity

How organizations can transcend to higher levels of data science maturity? Find out 5 levels of data science maturity and dimensions of data maturity to build a robust roadmap.

Assessing your org's data maturity

Download our latest guide on how to drive a data-led transformation in your organization by assessing your organization’s data maturity. Learn about the different dimensions and levels of data maturity.

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