Data explorer

Drill down to the core of your data and
unearth hidden insights

What can data explorer do?

Read Data From Any Source

Every business manually aggregates data, generates reports and visually presents insights. Data Explorer, a visual exploratory tool, helps users read data from any source, create new data columns on-demand, define metrics for evaluation, and present visually.

Make Problems Visually Obvious

Define your metrics from the available data, and Data Explorer will visualize Business Insights on one screen.

Drill Down To Raw Data

Data Explorer lets you download data and visuals, search for elements, explore in tabular form and customize the data. Drill down features to the smallest grain and unearth insights like never before.

Customize At Your Will

The Data Explorer panel lets you import different file formats. The sample wizard provides you a data snapshot for validation. The multi-selection of dimensions, metrics and dates adds to flexibility.

Benefits of data explorer

Instant Visualizations

Our cognitive science led color-coding guides your vision to identify the problematic areas instantly.

Easily Upload Any Data

The data uploading is as simple as uploading a CSV file.

End-To-End Data Process

You can drill down your data to the core. We support 10 levels of clicking to help you find the root of the issue.

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How is data explorer helping our Clients


Real Estate Price Clustering

We clustered all flats in Singapore based on their characteristics (size, floor, type, construction date) and leases. The flats cleanly cluster into 3 distinct chunks.