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Navigating Commercial Pharma Complexity with our Generative AI-Powered Solutions

In pharma marketing, generating promotional content can feel like navigating a labyrinth. Sifting through mountains of medical research papers, juggling with exhaustive regulatory guidelines, and painstakingly citing references is a journey that often takes months. And, not forgetting the integration of in-house data such as internal clinical trial documents with research papers is a hard task.

This hampers your team’s efficiency and limits your reach to healthcare professionals (HCPs). Plus, outdated material is a common woe.

A Clear Value Propostion

Our Gen AI solutions empower Pharma companies by optimizing lean budget launches, ensuring swift TAT and iterations with agencies. Tailored for both generic and innovative medicines, our Gen AI use cases are meticulously crafted for impactful outcomes. Our team is a combination of data scientists, information designers, and data storytellers who use data every day to make a difference in the world. 

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Optimize Lean Budget Drug Launches
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Swift TAT & Iterations with Digital Agencies
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Improved Number of Quality Sales Calls
Reduced Training Iterations with Advanced Gen AI Bots
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Cost Savings in Terms of Resources
Content Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Our Solutions

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To generate compliant promotional content, your team spends valuable time sifting through a labyrinth of research papers, grappling with regulatory guidelines, and manually inserting references. The result? A sluggish, error-prone process that can take months to yield material.

With Generative AI, we streamline content creation by swiftly identifying the most pertinent research, integrating regulatory and brand guidelines, and generating compliant content in record time. Our early test-solution implementations have shown promising potential in reducing turnaround time from 4-5 weeks to 7-8 days, ensuring your outreach to healthcare professionals (HCPs) remains timely and regulations-compliant.

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Engaging healthcare professionals (HCPs) often requires visually compelling material. However, enerating creative images from medical data, patient emotions, and research can be a creative challenge.

Our AI-driven image generation tool brings creativity to the forefront. It transforms data and insights into captivating visuals for brochures, posters, and more. You’ll have the power to convey complex medical information visually engagingly, making your marketing materials not just informative, but truly captivating.

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Training sales representatives to effectively engage with physicians is no small feat. Past conversations, experiences, and the need for customized Q&A often demand significant time and resources.

Our AI-powered training material generator revolutionizes your sales team’s preparation. It leverages past interactions and experiences to create tailored Q&A sets. Equip your field sales agents with the knowledge and confidence they need to excel in every drug launch. With our solution, you’ll elevate your team’s performance, one conversation at a time.

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Regulatory Submission Documents, encompassing clinical trial protocols and Informed Consent Forms, are crucial throughout clinical trials. These documents, often extending to hundreds of pages of intricate text from diverse internal sources, must adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines.

To streamline this process, Generative AI models are employed to automate data extraction and report generation for RSDs, significantly reducing the preparation time from months to weeks.

Our human-in-loop methodology ensures meticulous review and validation by experts, leading to enhanced turnaround times, minimized errors, improved data precision, and scalability.

Case study

At the end of a clinical trial, Clinical Study Reports aggregate data from various sources, including statistical analyses and patient narratives. Generative AI models expedite the drafting process of CSRs from months to just weeks.

Our human-in-loop approach guarantees each AI-generated output undergoes rigorous expert review, minimizing potential errors or biases, thereby streamlining report accuracy and compliance.

Leveraging our Advanced Analytics for Clinical Data, a biotech firm managed to decrease the development time for CSRs by 60%, ensuring reports were not only delivered faster but with increased accuracy and compliance, mirroring the benefits seen with our generative AI model.

Case study

Our AInonymize solution is meticulously crafted to simplify the clinical trial report submission workflow, aligning with intricate data privacy standards set by regulatory bodies such as the European Medical Agency and Health Canada. This ensures a delicate balance between transparency and privacy, crucial for regulatory compliance.

Our Data Privacy and Compliance Solution ensured a pharmaceutical company’s trial data submission was both compliant and efficient, reducing submission times by 85% while fully adhering to global data protection regulations.

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Throughout a drug’s lifecycle, responses to inquiries from stakeholders, including regulators and healthcare professionals, are vital. Our generative AI and advanced analytics enable regulatory affairs teams to craft responses swiftly and uniformly, decreasing the likelihood of manual errors. Each AI-generated draft undergoes expert validation, ensuring consistency and accuracy in addressing complex inquiries.

Our Automated Response Generation System significantly improved response times and consistency for a pharmaceutical client, enhancing stakeholder engagement and compliance with regulatory inquiries, reflecting the utility of generative AI in regulatory communications.

Case study

Manuscripts detailing clinical trial outcomes, post-marketing studies, or other significant research findings are pivotal. Generative AI models automate the labor-intensive processes of data extraction, literature review, and manuscript drafting, condensing the timeline from 6-18 months to weeks, thereby facilitating quicker dissemination of critical research findings.

With our Generative AI for Scientific Writing, a research institution was able to reduce manuscript preparation time by over 50%, demonstrating the transformative impact of AI in accelerating scientific publication and knowledge sharing.


Why Choose Us for Generative AI Push?

Content at Light Speed

Cut content creation time from months to days. Ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines. Prompt HCP reachouts with up-to-date material. Minimize manual reference insertion and errors in content.

Impress with Striking Design

Enable digital teams with AI-generated designs and engage HCPs with compelling brochures & posters. Convey insights in a visually captivating manner. Foster better understanding with creative imagery.

New-age Sales Training

Equip sales teams with tailored Q&A sets. Enhance agents’ confidence in dealing with physicians. Shorten the learning curve for new sales reps. Elevate sales team performance, one conversation at a time

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