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At Gramener, we don’t just talk growth; we fuel it through strategic alliances with industry leaders and tech giants. it’s a commitment to thrust your market presence, spark innovation, and elevate service delivery. We cut through the noise, delivering substantial value at scale by partnering with top-tier cloud and technology platforms. 

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Our partnership with Microsoft has a history dating back to 2014, during which we have collaborated on a variety of global Data & AI projects utilizing the ‘AI for Earth’ grant, leading to recognitions such as Microsoft’s AI for All award and the Edison Award for Microsoft solutions.

This strategic collaboration empowers us to leverage Microsoft’s cutting-edge Azure services, offering our clients advanced solutions in data science and AI. As a partner, we gain access to exclusive tools, training, and early technologies, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest innovations. Our partnership enhances scalability, reliability, and market visibility, providing clients with robust, trusted, and state-of-the-art data-driven solutions. Join us on the forefront of technology as we combine Gramener’s expertise with the power of Microsoft Azure for unparalleled data and AI services.

We are also focusing on attaining the Microsoft specializations (Business Intelligence, Analytics on Microsoft Azure, AI & ML on Microsoft Azure) showing our commitment towards delivering specialized solutions on the platform.

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Gramener is a proud ISV Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and utilize the AWS programs, expertise, and resources to build, host, and maintain innovative data science and AI solutions. This collaboration allows us to leverage the latest AWS technologies, expanding our capabilities to experiment, build, and deliver differentiated customer offerings. With AWS’s global reach, scalability, and robustness, we identify new opportunities, engage with AWS to enhance our unique offerings, and deliver exceptional value to our mutual customers. Join us in accelerating the cloud journey and unlocking the full potential of data with Gramener and AWS.

We are also focusing on attaining the AWS Industry specializations – Smart City, Supply Chain & Lifescience, showing our commitment towards delivering specialized Industry specific use cases on the platform.

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Gramener is a trusted partner in collaboration with Google Cloud, offering certified expertise to seamlessly deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. As a Google Cloud partner, Gramener accelerates digital transformation by integrating best-in-class data analytics, workplace collaboration, and AI-driven security solutions. Our global partner ecosystem, specially trained and certified, is committed to addressing industry-specific needs, ensuring trust and reliability in the cloud solutions we provide. With Gramener, clients can expect a faster time to value through our partner-led services and the seamless integration of our technology on Google Cloud. We abide by Google’s 3 rules – innovation, trust, and efficiency – to walk with you in your cloud journey.

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Gramener is a Databricks partners and in collaboration with Databricks, we can effortlessly process large sets of data in the cloud and build solutions using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. This enables our customers to unify all their data and AI workloads. We utilize Databricks data architecture, and our partnership equips us with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed for cloud services, data strategy, engineering, and analytics.

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Our expertise is across data architecture, analytics, and cloud technologies, on the Snowflake ecosystem for impactful business insights help you store and access your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data seamlessly in a centralized location with seamless access to external data sources.

Successful Case Studies with Our Partner Network

Predicting Disasters And Saving Lives with SEEDS India and Microsoft

Gramener, in partnership with Microsoft, developed a Machine Learning – driven disaster impact model to predict disasters and save lives.

Fighting Diseases with Geospatial AI

Read and download the case study of our partnership with Microsoft and World Mosquito Program (WMP) to build Geospatial AI driven solution to fight mosquito borne diseases.

Building Urban Resilience with Spatial Analytics

Our partnership with Microsoft and Evergreen Canada  resulted in building urban resilience by analyzing climate change & other datasets & building a unique Data Visualization tool.

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